NATO/Zulu Straps – The Favorite Type of Replacement Band for Men’s Watches

nato strap

The wristwatch is now more of an accessory than a need with digital devices like cell phones and tablets taking over the world. In an age where the watch is used more for display and less for checking time, men are yet to give up their fascination for watches.

Men have always a fascination to watch because of the look it adds to their personality. While collectors have a variety of watches and straps, one of the most versatile straps is NATO.

Nothing beats NATO or a Zulu strap when it comes to showing off your style and fashion statement. These straps are made from a type of nylon, polyester webbing or calfskin and are strong enough to not give away when you try to stretch and break the strap. Here are some reasons why it is a favorite type of replacement band for watches:

  1. Your watch gets a cool look with the NATO or Zulu straps. If you are sporting a NATO strap on your watch then it is definitely for the looks and not just to keep a check on elapsed time.
  2. The straps are available in a variety of colors, styles and prices to suit your budget. So, easily it can transform your simple watch into a fashion accessory.
  3. It can adjust to any wrist size easily. So you can check for elapsed time without having to pull up the sleeves. This is great when you are using the watch in wilderness.
  4. The availability in a wide range of styles is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of NATO straps. Among many, military styled NATO strap is one of the most favorite types of replacement bands.

NATO and Zulu straps have become increasingly popular as they reach out to a huge population. The bands have been worn by army officials and rockstars alike. There is no doubt that it is a favorite type of replacement band for watches.

NATO/Zulu Straps – The Favorite Type of Replacement Band for Men’s Watches

Simple tips for choosing a right wristwatch

tips for choosing a right wristwatch

Wristwatch is among men’s most important accessories. If you are a man, besides your apparel, your watch is the next thing for people to focus on when having a face-to-face conversation with you. Therefore, make sure your watch is appropriate for your fashion style. Following are some things you should consider when choosing a watch:

  1. The watchcase shape

90% of men’s wristwatches feature round dial because this shape has been proven to be optimal for the watch’s legibility. If you only want to look good with your watch, just choose a round-face piece and make sure it’s well-designed.

rose gold round-face watch

A square-face watch often draws more attention as its style is different from 90% of men’s wristwatches. The problem here is that choosing a high-quality square-face watch, especially an automatic one, is not easy, because you don’t have many choices. So you must make more effort in your searching!

orient square shape watch

  1. The watch style

An elegant dress watch would make you look more genteel, while a sport-style piece would add to your manly appearance. Bear in mind that a sport watch can go with office suit as long as it’s dressy-looking enough , but a dress watch doesn’t fit in well with active outfits like Jeans + T-shirt. If your budget is not too limited, 2 different watches for formal & informal occasions is better than one-piece-for-all.

  1. The watch brand

Although this is not a direct indicator of your style, your watch’s brand still has a big impact on other people’s impression about you: a well-known brand would quickly tell them about the watch’s value, and then they attach this value to you. Luxury Swiss brands (Rolex, Omega, Longines) are the No.1 choices, German brands are the next, and Japanese watches are good options for users with limited budget. Despite not being high-end watches, Japanese timepieces still earn so much respect in the watch industry. Orient & Seiko are among the most favorite brands on many reputable watch forums, Watchuseek, for example! Besides ordinary dress watches, these watchmakers are also famous for their beautiful men’s diver style watches, which are dressy & sporty at the same time, in case your budget is limited, a versatile timepiece like that is an ideal choice.


Choosing a right wristwatch that fit your style is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t be so accommodating when choosing your watch, or else you will regret your purchase after a few months. Your watch must implement and highlight your style, this is its first and foremost role. Hope that some information in this writing can be of help to you in your searching for a suitable wristwatch!

Simple tips for choosing a right wristwatch

Tips for choosing eyeglasses frame

styliing tips for men

The number of people who have eye problems and need to use some kinds of vision correction is increasing, which mean more and more men have to wear glasses. For some men, they tend to choose unobtrusive or boring glasses, which may be the reason why glasses are usually associated with nerds. It is important for men to pick up a right pair of glasses to go with them for a long period of time. It can even enhance your appearance as well as your style. They are worth your attention.


As always, figuring out your own style is the most important thing to consider when you pick up any fashion items. Choose a word which best describes your style. As I mentioned before, glasses are long-term item so they must be in accordance with your overall style if you don’t want to look ridiculous.


human face shapes

There’s basic rule to choose a good pair of glasses: pick up a frame shape which can provide what you face shape lacks. Here are detailed advices:


Definition: A round face has full cheeks, a wide forehead and a round chin, its width and height is almost the same.

Dos: square or strong, angular frame shapes to provide contrast to your face, make it seem longer and thinner.

Don’ts: Round glasses of course. Too small or too short frames are bad idea too.


Definition: An oval face has lightly curved jaw which is slightly smaller than the forehead. Cheek bones are high.

Dos: good news is that you can wear any shape of eyewear you want as long as they are not the extremes.

Don’ts: Oversized glasses.


Definition: A face with almost the same width and length as round face but it look angular with broad chin and strong horizontal jawline.

Dos: round or oval frames which are dark or bold-colored.

Don’ts: most geometric shapes, especially square or light-colored frames.


Definition: It has a long and pointed jawline, a broad forehead, high and angled cheekbones.

Dos: Oval or round glasses with thin and light-colored frames.

Don’ts: Decorative designs which draws too much attention to the upper part of your face.


Definition: The forehead is usually broad but it tapers at the hairline. Cheekbones are high and the widest part of the face. Lastly, the jawlines are angular.

Dos: Oval and rimless or semi-rimless frames with detailing on the eyebrow (cat eye style)

Don’ts: Very narrow or thin frames.

Tips for choosing eyeglasses frame

6 quick fashion tips for men


We all know that a well-dressed man has a lot of advantages in life and career. However, it’s common that many men don’t know how to dress well and don’t want to spend time working out what they should wear either. But good news is that you can improve your dress sense, starting with these tips

  1. Find the items which fit the most

The most important thing is fit. Make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly. Most guys wear clothes which are too large for them. You will look quite ridiculous such like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes. But of course don’t wear something which is too tight. Not to mention the discomfort brought by tight outfits, they might make you feel uncomfortable and look less masculine. Just find items that almost hug your body.

  1. Keep it simple

Leonardo DaVinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Some men think they will look good in latest fashion items so they invest on fancy, expensive clothes and end up with a mish and mash appearance. Less is more. Remember that you are a man, being extravagant is not only unnecessary but also awkward. Never wear more than 3 pieces of jewelries or more than 3 colors unless you’re playing for a rock band. Always have basic items in your wardrobe such as white/grey/light blue shirts and T-shirt, jeans, a suit, basic shoes or sneakers.

  1. Forget the trends, build your style first

Following trends have two big problems. Firstly, the fashion industry changes very fast, therefore, it will cost you a fortune if you want to own every latest clothes. Following latest trend also means that you have to replace your clothes whenever trends shift. Secondly, not all trends are good nor they are suitable for you. Nothing can suit every people. Developing your own style is very important, when you have figured out what you want to portray, you can select the trends which works with that image instead of trying every trend.

  1. Accept the fact that it will take a while

As I mentioned above, many men don’t want to spend time thinking about what to wear but style isn’t something that can be built in one day. It can be a long journey to find out what you look best in, be patient and enjoy that journey. Don’t expect to be a good-dresser in a couple of months.

  1. Don’t go shopping alone

Men tend to believe in what shop assistants say but be conscious, those people work for commission, they may not give you the right advice, they just try to convince you buying their products. Find a mentor, who can be your friend or even your parents as long as they can give you honest comments.

  1. Experiment with style

Building your own style at first doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it forever. The only way to find out if you can look better is trying new things. Sometimes, put on something completely out of your safe zone and you may love thing that you thought you would never do. But if you fail, just forget and move on.

6 quick fashion tips for men